Hilarious Dog Videos

Hilarious Dog Videos 

I love my two sweet Yorkshire terriers named Bailey and Chelsey.  Those two little 9 pound dogs keep me laughing daily.  I am certain that many people feel the same way about their dogs.  Perhaps that is why dog videos are so popular on You Tube. I recently found this hilarious dog video on You Tube and wanted to share it with you.

The video is made up of clips from many other videos so you are getting only the best dog videos in this compilation.  It is 30 minutes  long but I believe you will find yourself laughing through out.

Some of my favorite dog videos in this compilation were the ones of the dogs with shoes on?  While initially it may seem a little "mean" to put shoes on dogs, when you see them you can't help but laugh.  They are really humorous as they try to cope with the strange sensation.

Of course, we all love puppies and the dog videos of the puppies are simply precious. I think I liked the ones of the dogs falling asleep and the puppy wiping his feet.

Do you have a favorite? I could never select just one- so many were my favorites!

I hope you enjoy the dog videos!


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